About Us

We at TiburonFishingReels.com have a passion for the outdoors. This passion is fueled by our incredible outdoor experiences we have enjoyed over the years with family and friends. In addition, we have a tremendous respect for the fishing resources we all love and share. We encourage all to do their part to be good stewards of our resources so that future generations can have the same fishing and outdoor opportunities and experiences that we share.

We encourage all to honor and conduct themselves within the governing harvest game laws that are established to help conserve or protect our fishing resources. Thank you for doing your part from TiburonFishingReels.com!

TiburonFishingReels.com is an authorized independent retailer of Tiburon Engineering products (TiburonEngineering.com). We provide these great Tiburon fishing products to fishermen around the world. The engineering, quality and functionality behind every Tiburon product speaks volumes to the years of service and reliability to be enjoyed. Tiburon fishing reels are the most innovative big game reels available today.

Mission Statement:

Our Mission Statement is to distribute Tiburon saltwater fishing reels and reel parts at fair and reasonable prices to customers across the world. We pledge honesty and integrity in all of our business and personal dealings. We will ship customer orders in a timely and responsible manner to help meet the needs of each customer to maximize their fishing time and enjoyment on the water.