Salmon fishing from Trinidad, California. Thanks for the Tiburon reel Skipper! I’ve caught Wahoo, Albacore and Salmon! Don from the AA trip.

Than Nung – Jarak Island, Malaysia May 2011, Golden Snapper on Tiburon SST30. Fantastic reel!


Ed Rich – 100+lb Sturgeon – California Delta, CA – Penn 112H with Tiburon Frame

Ken Corwin and Joe Skinner (holding tuna) Lower Bank trip February 2011

Dick Phillips – 25lb Albacore – Westport, WA

Todd Girtz – 45lb Lingcod – Secret Honey Hole, Anywhere, Earth

Howard Mauer – Guadalupe Island, 143.5 lb Yellowfin, Tiburon SST16/80, 40lb topshot, 1 hr. 10min, Reel worked flawlessly